Optimize Warehouse Operations

warehouse manager


Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors allows you to put control back into your warehouse. Not only does it assist you in knowing where each shipment or process is, but what the most cost effective use of space is. Receipt to shipment timing can identify unnecessary warehouse space by utilizing cross-docking capabilities. This is a critical feature in the highly competitive and cost-centered government contracting world.

Companies that inventory products that will be sold to the Government are hampered with legacy applications that do not co-exist well with their other cost accounting solutions. This causes issues that do not allow for a complete and comprehensive view of the business from one solution. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors, a government contractor that sells products and provides services to the Government now can have their entire business managed from one solution. With the drill-down capability in Dynamics NAV, the company can see the status of each transaction at a remarkably detailed level and then see how the business needs to be managed.

The Warehouse Management component of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors gives your team insight into current order status, inventory levels and relevant transaction details so they can take action, and instantly filter and sort key data, measure KPIs and produce reports, charts and graphs with one click.

  • Optimize warehouse space by establishing and automating the most resourceful picking routines, bin quantities and put-away locations. Pick items per order, per customer, pick up times or delivery routes. With available information, cross-docking options can be easily taken advantage of.
  • Streamline operations and increase productivity by managing picks and put-aways which can minimize bottlenecks and repetitive handlings. Material handling data can be updated directly from the warehouse to avoid duplicate data entry.
  • Improve order fulfillment. Status inquiries can be easily given due to the real-time data provided within the system.  Having the ability to view where each order is in the process of delivery, from process, to pick, pack or delivery you can give your customers accurate status.
  • Gain flexibility for growth. Having the options to select your level of simplicity or complexity your needs can be met currently and in the future. Your systems can grow with your business demands as needed.
  • Integrate all facets of your warehouse management from replenishment needs to prioritized order fulfillment.
  • Item tracking. With total access to item history, progress or shipment, know exactly where the items were purchased. Serial number and lot traceability give you the accountability you need.
  • Item costing. Item costs are valued throughout the production process. Costs can be broken down by material, capacity, subcontracting and overhead.


Warehouse Management is an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors, particularly for companies that conduct manufacturing projects as well as sell products or provide services to the Government. Having all of the functionality needed for product distribution and service provision in one solution makes it much easier for companies that offer both to the Government. This eliminates the need for multiple applications and provides a solution that can generate the optimum reporting needed to manage a profitable business.