Manage Sales and Service in One Solution

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The end-to-end integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors can empower companies to streamline and automate processes throughout operations, from sales or purchase order approval and warehouse receiving to pick/pack/ship and invoicing activities. One-time data entry can minimize errors, focus the attention of the sales team on higher-value activities, and help ensure everyone is working from accurate, up-to-date information. When information flows directly from one process to the next, the completion of a task can automatically trigger the next without delay. This enables fast order cycle times and improved on-time delivery rates.

For companies that sell items as well as provide services to the Government, all accounting functions can be handled one solution now. This helps ensure the integrity of the customer relationship.

The Sales Quoting and Order Processing capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors are designed to help government contractors who resell products to improve customer service and properly assess the company’s sales and fulfillment capabilities. It is ideal for government contractors who either regularly or infrequently sell items to the Government, at varying quantity levels.

Government contractors can gather extensive customer information, define pricing information, generate sales orders, manage picking, issuing, packing and shipping operations, and check credit. The entire administrative, product, pricing and shipping information is edited during the sales order entry process.

  • Set up, post, and print customer invoices and sales credit memos.
  • Calculations can be done in both local and foreign currencies.
  • Manage sales quotes, blanket sales orders, and sales order processes.
  • Drill-down capability to track and analyze every aspect of transactions and recognize patterns; make decision making easier and more valuable.
  • Integrated system allows for easy data flow to/from sales quotes through order processing.
  • Streamline receiving processes, including cross-references to POs or other source documents, receipt posting, and automatic inventory crediting.
  • Develop production and procurement plans based on actual demand, lead times, and manufacturing throughput rates to reduce inventories and cycle times and maximize labor and asset productivity.
  • Increase production planning flexibility, quickly change capacity plans and manufacturing policies, and choose the optimum manufacturing process for rapidly changing conditions to maximize profitability.
  • Quickly assign the most cost-effective carrier, track shipments, and provide order status information to customers.
  • Handle sales returns to inventory, rework, damaged stock, or scrap.
  • Reduce order-to-cash and procurement-to-cash cycles by eliminating manual procedures and data delays between supply chain activities and invoicing.
In Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors, the drill-down capability allows government contractors to track and analyze every aspect of the sales transactions and recognize patterns. This makes decision making easier. This traceability is available throughout the entire process from sales quote to sales invoicing.
Yes, there is email notification capability, so if something happens with a transaction, you can notify the sales person about the status of customer orders.
This capability is particularly strong for government contractors who resell products to the Federal Government. It helps small and midsize businesses streamline distribution processes and improve inventory management and warehouse efficiency.
Item tracking, multiple location logistics, bills of materials, transfers, item substitutions, and warehouse management ranging from internal picking to shipping and delivery. Dynamics NAV helps distributors reduce lead times, increase responsiveness, and better collaborate with their suppliers and customers. Ultimately, the system intends to offer distributors more competitive pricing thanks to their new, lower operational costs.  The system helps efficiently manage sales and purchase prices and line discounts with customers and vendors. Distributors look to use the system to manage general sales prices and line discounts for groups of customers or all of their customers.