Provide Critical Information Now

viewing metrics remotely


Government contractor finance and accounting professionals are always looking for ways to deliver critical information to the right people in their company at the right time.  For example, the executive team is expecting to have a dashboard on their screen when they get to the office in the morning with the key metrics they need to manage the business. And the dashboard must be easy to use with little if any training required.  Project managers need real time information. For example, at the middle of the month they might want to know their labor utilization on certain projects, or what the month will look like so that they can make mid-course corrections if need be.

Instead of waiting for the busy IT department to generate a report of sales for a particular product in a specific region, team members can generate their own reports almost instantly. Rather than waiting for the end of the month to analyze the performance of your sales team, you can generate simple, effective analytical views at any time. You will be able to make sound strategic decisions in little time.  And it’s not only getting the information that being able to use the drill-down functionality in Dynamics NAV to learn more about the transaction.

The business intelligence and dashboard capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors ideally meet the needs of leaders who need information immediately to answer questions about the business. Plus, it’s ideal for the people who need to ensure that this information is available to them in a format that they can use.

And with the increased transparency from Government to its citizens, the dynamic has changed even more so. The Government has committed to reporting more information to citizens, so they’re expecting the same from contractors.  They want visibility into their programs and it can help a contractor by being able to show key programs and how well the funding is going. Being able to differentiate from the competition is critical in the competitive environment. One way to grow the business is by being proactive with information.

  • Working within a graphical interface that is similar to MicrosoftOutlook, users can gain a 360-degree view of business performance and quickly set up and review graphical displays and reports.
  • Users can perform targeted analysis of detailed information and perfectly display them as needed.
  • The solution also takes advantage of built-in SQL Server reporting capabilities as well as deep availability of data access which populates dashboards with critical information.
  • Dynamics NAV was built with ease of reporting in mind.  From within Dynamics NAV, there are multiple reporting services.
  • PVBS has built online reporting capabilities that allow remote users to have access to critical contract information.
Business Analytics helps you gain business insight, make faster smarter decisions, and equip your key team members to contribute to your contract and revenue growth.  Designed for high growth government contractors, Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors turns your data into business-critical information quickly and simply.  It helps ensure that everyone in your organization has easy access to the same accurate, current data so that they can focus on spotting trends, problems, and opportunities, and can generate reports that fuel smart strategic and operational decisions.

PVBS has created a number of data cubes which are driven from Dynamics NAV and delivered to Excel as the reporting tool either on its own or using PowerPivot. This helps create views for the executive team with key information about the business, such as trended revenue, trended profitability, and AR trends, among many others.

Business intelligence and the related delivery of dashboards has been a difficult challenge for government contractors to implement over the years partly because the ERP and BI systems did not always integrate effectively. Plus, it seemed that every BI tool came with a team of consultants to support it, which eliminated a lot of the learning and usability. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a great example of how Microsoft and PVBS are committed to bringing dashboards to the desktop. The pieces all fit together and it’s no longer an expensive, manual process. BI is now affordably down to the desktop.
Yes, if you know Excel, you can generate detailed and informative reports using PowerPivot. PowerPivot is very strong, almost like a mini-SQL inside of Excel. Plus, it leverages familiar Excel features and can process millions of rows of data.
Numerous business analysis cubes for government contractors have been created by PVBS including general ledger, project accounting, and product sales.
The Microsoft vision for business intelligence is to help drive businesses to better performance by enabling all decision makers – essentially empowering all employees throughout the organization – to make better decisions. Microsoft achieves this vision by providing cross-product integration, delivering business intelligence capabilities within Microsoft Office and making its business intelligence offerings scalable so that everyone in the organization is empowered with business intelligence tools. Whether they are working on the strategic, the tactical, or the operational level, Microsoft Business Intelligence applications help make more informed decisions a natural part of the everyday work experience for all employees.