We have met with hundreds of government contractors over the years and we continue to find that the challenges they face are immense.  They ask us how Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors will help them transform their business. They challenge us to show how it will help them grow their business and find ways to optimize their contracts. They demand reporting examples that will help them demonstrate to their internal audiences company performance and compliance to their external ones.

PVBS has directly applied the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with an in-depth understanding of the needs of government contractors to offer a financial management and project accounting system unparalleled in the industry.

Government contractors need to ensure reliable and accurate billing to government customers. They need to optimize contract utilization by tracking contract costs and funding, performance measurement, and provide timely reporting to the government. They need a reliable financial management solution that will help estimate future contract costs and indirect rates. And they need an ERP solution that will allow them to report everything that the government requires from them to ensure compliance.

Many government contractors have made the move off of their legacy project accounting system to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors over the past decade. The billions of dollars in research and development that Microsoft has put into its Dynamics product line have led to an exceptional ERP solution for companies that provide services and/or sell products to the government.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors is designed to help ensure DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) and FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) compliance.  The solution is uniquely suited for organizations that provide services, sell products, and conduct manufacturing projects or any combination of the above. It is also extremely well-suited for companies that sell products as well as provide services to the Government, thus eliminating the requirement for multiple applications to run the business